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Frequently Asked Questions About Finding Housing

This page is designed to help you find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Campus Area Housing. Please make use of the links given - - they are your fastest pathway to a helpful answer.

Overview of Campus Area Housing Service
What is the Campus Area Housing Listing Service?

What are some myths about living in the neighboring campus communities in Madison?

Preparing to Rent
When is the best time to look for housing in Madison?

"November Rush" Leasing Myth

Where should I stay while I'm in Madison looking for housing?

How much can I expect to pay for rent?

How do I find housing that is in a residential neighborhood or suitable for my family?

Are there minimum requirements and maintenance codes?

Should I rent an apartment sight unseen?

How do I find short-term housing?

As an international student, how do I make my housing arrangements?

Will I have a problem parking my car?

What about Private Residence Halls? What are they like?

What is a lease and what should I look for when signing a lease?

Will I need to give earnest money or a security deposit to hold an apartment? When will I get my deposit back? What if I move out early?

Do I need a check-in form?

Do I need a parent/guardian to co-sign?

Roommates and You
How do I find a roommate?

How do I avoid roommate conflicts?

What is subletting? What should I consider when subletting?

What should I do if I've been discriminated against in my search for housing?